12 June 2005


Sci-Fi - Thriller
Blade Runner for the start of the 21st century. Jeremy Northam plays a geek called Morgan Sullivan, he's looking for a little bit of excitement and decides to sign up for industrial espionage at Digicorp. As he gets into his new role, his dreams of being a James Bond type super spy appear ludicrous and the spying role is very very dull (so dull I assume the writer added it for laughs). Then the film swerves and we find that there's something very unpleasant under the surface, the rest of the film is a fast past thriller following the geek's decent into a paranoid hell (I don't want to give too much away, get the DVD out today).
Highly recommended

Additional notes
  • Jeremy Northam is excellent but Lucy Liu also makes an appearance or two in the film.
  • The themes of the film, identity and faceless mega corporations as the enemy is very topical
  • Film was done on a very low budget, apart from the opening shot and perhaps the helicopter shots, it looks great.
  • Some of you might know that the director of this film also did the cube, cube was a very low budget film with a great idea and a plot with petered out towards the end. Don't let this put you off, cypher is a far better film


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