03 June 2005

Hero ( Ying xiong )

One Sunday afternoon I thought I would like to see a film, something different well I did and the film was called Hero (Ying xiong) a story of love, treachery war the lot this films got it, actors I have never seen let alone heard of, set in deepestpre-unified China the story of one man’s quest to defeat three deadly assassins, who are hell bent on killing the King of Quin.

The film crosses back and forth to explain a quite a complex story but there really is not one moment, you want to take your eyes of this film, the extras for the war scenes are amazing, the martial arts witch I do not like normally, I found griping and the more I watched the more relaxed as I became totally engrossed in the film. There are not too many down sides to the film, even the sound is good normally a draw back with some films from China, there is a rather poor sex scene that had me in fits, but I will not go into that, I will let you judge and I hope you like it as much as I did.


Blogger Random One said...

I really think how you respond to this films depends on your expectations and possibly mood. I found it quite drawn out and a bit boring, it was beautifully made but just found it extremely slow.

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