02 June 2005

The Machinist

Brad Anderson (2004)
Christian Bale
Jennifer Jason Leigh

Essentially a film about the trials of the mind when starved of what it needs most, sleep.
The main character, Trevor (Bale) finds that his day to day life is becoming interrupted with unexplainable occurences, brought on through the lack of sleep. As he tries to piece these things together he finds himself asking even more questions. An insomniac (has not slept for a year) quickly becomes paranoid when looking for the answers.
Bale is superb in this role. Apparently he lost a third of his bodywieght to play the frail character through eating an apple and a tin of tuna each day for 3 months. Don't think it is just his appearance that gains merit, the performance was outstanding.
Good support from Leigh ensures that the Hitchcock-esq feel to this film, in my opinion one that is better than many of his originals, keeps the watcher waiting in intrigue. Fine music and dark direction add to the despairing nature of this film.
Fans of session 9 won't be dissapointed, Anderson has made another simple, atmospheric film to remember.


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