04 June 2005

Mean creek.

i'd call this movie the 'river's edge' of this decade...
young sam (rory culkin, macauly's little bro) is bullied at school, so his friends, his older brother and his brother's friend decide to invite sam's tormentor on a boating trip for sam's birthday, with the intention of teaching the kid a lesson.
george is your typical stereotype fat kid bully, or so we'd imagine. we as the audience get to see the human side of his personality before the other kids do, as he prepares for the big day.
the big day comes and as the older kids swig beer, sam's brother's friend trying to impress the younger ones, george's personality shines through and some of the gang actually realise that he's a pretty cool guy and attempt to end any plans of retribution...
i really loved the whole atmosphere of this film, i think it has a real seventies horror-movie look and feel to it (namely 'last house on the left', 'texas chainsaw massacre') and though it never comes close to the bleakness of 'river's edge', it has a pretty good try. the young actors are very convincing, shame macauly didn't get movies like this as his first roles! hah! home alone, anyone??!
go see this if you're looking for an intelligent, not your run-of-the-mill 'teen' movie. i loved it.


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