19 June 2005


jamie (billy elliot) bell puts in a great performance with a very convincing southern drawl in this film, which tells the story of chris, younger brother tim and their widowed father.
john makes his oldest son work from dawn til dusk on his pig farm, trying to instill a sense of responsibility into his son who seemingly cant keep out of trouble in their small southern town.
little brother tim eats paint and anything else that will make him vomit due to an anxiety disorder, but his father refuses to address the problem, as his own sadness over losing his wife takes precedence.
one day, john's jailbird brother turns up (and we discover that john 'stole' his girl all those years ago..) and after learning of supposedly cursed mexican gold coins that the family has in their possession, uncle deel goes about changing their lives forever...

i'd never heard of director david gordon green before, but apparently he has a large cult following. i really liked this film, due to its 70's feel, (somewhat like 'mean creek' which ive also reveiwed.) and how the violence and sadness is intercut with the obvious love the two brothers share, and their adventure together. (although a FAR from perfect one!) the sticky hot southern atmosphere is captured to great effect and echoes 'deliverance' at times.
one minor gripe of mine is that the film is rather slow for a while, but i can let that go, i suppose.
PLUS, part of the opening sequence actually made me audibly YELP in the cinema! something that has never happened in my life! even having watched many, many horror/slasher type flicks! it has to be seen to understand what im trying to say, i guess!
all in all, an enjoyable yet slightly depressing thriller if you dont require non-stop action to float your boat. seven out of ten.


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