11 June 2005

White Chicks


Saw this for the second time the other day and it was still a good laugh. The film stars Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans and is directed by their older brother Keenan Wayans (who also directed Scary Movie). If I had been told this beforehand I probably would not have watched it because I found Scary Movie a bit predictable and not that funny. But White Chicks has much better humour in my opinion. So if you liked Scary Movie you'll love this and if you didn't White Chicks is still worth a watch!

The plot whilst being quite basic is not boring. The film centres around two black men who are FBI agents and are continuously cocking up. They get put in charge of looking after two rich girls and manage to cock that up too. The rest of the film is basically what they get up to when they go undercover dressed as "white chicks". I have to say the make was pretty good and if you get this out on DVD check out "the making of..." it is worth watching.

The laughs are regular and not predictable, even those that are predictable have been well executed and do not come across as outdated. Just as you think the story or jokes are dieing the film picks up again or you get a really good laugh which keeps your interest. The acting is not over the top but quite sincere and most of the characters are quite believable.This is definitely worth watching with a group of friends (male or female). I think this film would appeal to all audiences, you could quite easily sell it as a chick flick but it's almost like a chick flick written for men.


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