16 July 2005

Switchblade Romance

"There is no doubt the sub genre of horror which always leaves the nastiest taste in the mouth it has to be the slasher flick. From its early origins in movies like Friday 13th it seems to have followed the same old weary path of young virgins getting killed, titillating sexual scenes all held togther by nasty gory violence. Of late the slasher flick has had to outdo the last-twists have been introduced, more gore and even more violence. Switchblade Romance is a particularly nasty film of the genre that confirms everything about the horror film I dislike. Extended scenes of violence, exploitation of the female sexuality and rape presented to the viewer as 'entertainment' The plot is simple-man chases women and kills along the way. Somehow a twist is made to make this film more palatable but it just left a nasty taste in my mouth. Its violent with a dark misogonystic undertone. If you like your slasher flicks Ive no doubt this will appeal to you. If however you dislike violent gory movies with no plot, extremely distasteful scenes and exploitation of the female body then avoid this movie at all costs. What has happened to a once great genre that relied on suspense and not shock value at any cost???? "


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