16 July 2005

The Village

When 6th Sense arrived on our screen Shaylman was plauded equally by critics and cinemagoers alike. Indeed 6th Sense was the film industries best kept secret-with critics refusing to reveal the clever twist. Since that time however Shaylman has chosen to stick to the same route, that is originality with a twist. However what he has pulled off is 'lets see how ludicrous we can make the twist'. With 6th Sense he managed to oull it off-with Unbreakable he pushed the limits a bit to much and with The Village he simply has gone to far. The directors trademarks are still there. Breathtaking cinematography, beautiful set pieces and an eye to detail which truely is wonderful. The pace of the film draws you in-so in that respect he has done well. However its in the last 10 minutes the film falters. Brody does a great job of hamming up his role, pheonix holds it together remarkably well-but in the end its all for nothing. The twist truely is one of the most daftest endings I have ever seen with hardly any explanation for it. Shaylman truely has great vision as a director and producer but he really needs to put down the book of 'How to direct a wacky Twist' and get on with what he does best-making beautifully sublime films-hopefully without the silly ending! "


Blogger Random One said...

After Signs i didn't expect much from The Village and i was right not too. It was a terrible film-the plot was not gripping and the characters were really bland! And i think my friends and I were confused for half the film as to whether the main female character was actually blind or not (coz she didn't seem to be at the beginning!)

I would not recommend this to anyone i don't think this film provides any sort of entertainment whatsoever.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Wess said...

I watched the film a couple of weeks ago and nearly did a write up of it. It just seemed to not quite do it for me. Although I have seen worse.
I agree with WelshDJ and Random one...it had great cinimatography but a silly ending and lacked so much. Shame really....

3:05 AM  

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