05 September 2005

Me and You, and Everyone We Know

Dir. Miranda July, 2005
John Hawkes - Richard Swersey; Miranda July - Christine Jesperson; Miles Thompson - Peter; Brandon Ratcliff - Robby; Carlie Westerman - Sylvie; Natasha Slayton - Heather; Najarra Townsend - Rebecca; Hector Elias - Michael; Tracy Wright - Nancy

I kept completely forgetting the name of this film, or what it was about at all when trying to convince mrs belboid that we should go see it. It was directed by a performance artist, that was all I could remember. But, there was nothing else on that night anyway, so she had little choice.

The opening was somewhat worrying, as it was a piece by the chartacter played by said performance artist (Miranda July as Christine ), and it was really bloody awful tosh. However, it rapidly improved as we meet Richard (Hawkes, Sol Star from Deadwood), who is in the process of splitting up with his wife, and who gives the impression of having some kind of mental health issues going on. It got even better a few more minutes in as we followed a funeral procession for a goldfish.

I suppose it's a film about the fragility of relationships and the lousy communication that happens when trying to initiate them (whether that's over the net, the written word, or actual one-to-one conversations). Most of the main characters are after one or other of the others, and this often leads to some incredibly disturbing situations, yet ones which are also incredibly funny as well. So disturbing are they, tho, that some Christian mag has condemned the film as only to be viewed by paedophiles! They are, of course, quite wrong, as is shown by the culmination of each 'relationship', which are hilariously and thoroughly believably done.

Other than that, it's a pretty 'slight' film, but well worth seeing for the performances of the five youngsters in it, all of whom are excellant, particularly Brandon Ratcliff as seven year old Robby, who is absolutely astounding.

Back and forth. Forever.


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aah, you get all excited seeing there are FOUR comments on your post...and then they're all bloody spam....

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Blogger MissRoberson said...

I haven't seen this movie yet. It sound like it would be good. Great blog.

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