13 June 2005

Carlito's Way

Released in 1993 and starring Al Pacino and Sean Penn, this Gangster film is a great movie. One of my favourites.

Carlito Brigante (Al Pacino) is a former New York Heroin dealer who gets out of prison on a Technicality after 5 years. His time in jail has given him food for thought and he has decided to give up being a gangster and turn straight, by going in with a friend in Florida, renting cars to tourists...Easier said than done apparently.

His Lawyer (Sean Penn) is as crooked as they come and although he has a nose Hoover would like to patent... he has a mouth just as big! He owes money to a crime boss and asks Carlito for help, because Carlito feels he owes his Lawyer for getting him out of prison early he agrees to help, and ends up entangled in his lawyers problems.

A great script (one that you can actually believe is a pleasant change) and great Direction from Brian De Palma, who also directed Scareface incidentally, makes this definitely one of the best gangster movies I've seen.


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