13 June 2005

This is Spinal Tap


Perhaps I'm a bit biased in writing this because I have wanted to see this film since it was released in 1984, I just never got around to it. But I am glad to say that I wasn't dissapointed, it was as much fun as I was hoping it would be.

The movie is a Documentry of a British Heavy Metal band doing, what appears to be their final tour of the USA . The filmmaker, Marty DiBergi (Dog food commercials no less) follow's the band around from city to city documenting the day to day drama's and internal politics of the band.
It's a complete mock up of course with deliberate mistakes and attention to detail that makes this movie great fun to watch. Scenes like the one where Nigal is stopped at the Airport metal detecter because he has a whopping great cucumber wrapped in foil stuffed down his pants are classic and the boy's all primed up for the gig getting lost backstage at a concert is one you have to see to appreciate .

If you are having a night in and are thinking about a Video or DVD to rent then this might be just the shot, lots of good laughs.

The movie stars Christopher Guest (as Nigel the Lead guitarist), Rob Reiner (Marty DiBergi the maker of the "Rockumentry"), Micheal McKean (David- vocals, guitar) and Harry Shearer (Nigal Smalls- bass, and who does many voices in the Simpsons), all of who wrote the script for the movie with Rob Riener directing it.

above - Nigel getting his "crotch" scanned at the Airport


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