22 June 2005

The Day After Tomorrow

Written and Directed by Roland Emmerich .

Starring -
Dennis Quaid
Jake Gyllenhaal
Emmy Rossum
Dash Mihok

I don't usually watch this type of movie (Hollywood disaster movie) unless it has had reasonably good reviews. This one didn't and to be honest the main reason I rented this movie was because 3 more movies only cost another 2 dollars and I've already watched most of the movies at the Video rental place, and this one had just come off the "Overnight" shelf and onto the "2 dollars a week" shelf ....So in the basket it went.

What was it like?
Basic plot ... A Climatologist all of a sudden finds out world is in danger, tells Government, they don't listen to him, he goes off to save the world from this climatic catastrophe and in the meantime his kid gets into danger, oh, and a couple of the main characters fall in love.
Hollywood disaster movies are just a bit too predictable.

If it weren't for the special effects this movie would literally have nothing to offer at all....The script was poorly written, in fact it was a slap in the face for anyone who likes a story with a plot. The main characters were one dimensional, there just wasn't anything you could really like or dislike about them and the story was completely disjointed with ridicules subplots.

I just get annoyed when these people make a film with a massive budget but still include scenes that look as though they have been written and shot at the last minute. It looks as though some of the scenes have been added just to fit in another Product Placement add. or something. The scene described below is one of those, it doesn't make sense and in a situation like the one the people were in, why risk everything when you don't have to?...Or the girl who cuts her leg, she leaves it until it has festered and she has blood poisening!...I mean c'mon ... she didn't even clean the wound when she went to the toilet? .... and considering there were first aid kits all over the place it seems even more unlikely. I don't mind a bit of Artistic licence but when there's no need for it why stretch a point so far that it actually spoils the movie? Why treat the paying audience like idiots?

So, we have a ship that has floated into Manhattan, the survivors split into 2 main groups, one group, the majority of the people, plan to walk south where it's warm and the other group, consisting of the son of the Climatologist and the girl with the cut in her leg decide to stay put. OK, the group that stays put needs food so he goes outside into the freezing weather to get some and while in this big freighter that floated down Manhattan they get attacked by these wolves that escaped from the Zoo...now, the people who are walking are dying in droves but of course the wolves don't go for easy pickings, they would rather risk their lives trying to attack the 2 healthiest and strongest survives left. That and a whole lot of other stuff just spoils a film that could have possibly had potential ....Anyway there were some OK special affects, but thats about it.

2 stars out of 10... only just.


Blogger Random One said...

My thoughts on this movie are pretty much the same as yours on this one! I unfortunately paid alot more to see it in the cinema (dont ask why!) The plot was dire and i totally agree that some of the special fx looked really shoddy for such a big budget film..the whole wolves event was a complete joke and the characters predictable. One thing i must say though is that i did feel a sense of impending doom after watching this film now if that was in relation to the fate of the hollywood films or the world i couldn't really say!;)

10:21 PM  
Blogger shave said...

One of the worst films I paid money to see as well. Dear oh dear. I liked the climate observation centre in Scotland, and the bit where the helicopter freezes. But that was all I liked. A poor film. 1/10

7:52 PM  

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